This website is dedicated to Bill, Ian and Hayley, who’ve taught me almost everything I know. Ever.

Tattoosday UK is a website all about.. tattoos. Yes, it’s simple as that. You may have heard the name before- that’d be because we’re the UK version of a very popular website called Tattoosday, owned by Bill Cohen.

We started out a while ago on the lovely BlogSpot page, but we’ve had a move around to this page now. You can still take a look at the old site, it’s not going anywhere!

The site is mainly written by Mel Noir, who has been writing about tattoo art for a while now. Mel also writes for a few other publications, mainly Total Tattoo magazine where she shares a column with Matt Lodder.

However, we are always open to submissions, so if you have something to say, send it in!

We really hope you enjoy this website, because Bill’s blog is brilliant, and we really want to do this UK version up to Bill’s standards!

Thanks for reading, and thank you for all your support!

6 Responses to “About”
  1. inkslinger says:

    hey – this is a good little page isnt it? lol

    post links to it everywhere children, and santa will be especially good to you this year…..or is that satan?…cant remember.

  2. Mel Roberts says:

    I think it must be Satan in my house!!
    Cheers Ian!!!

  3. Very nice to have made your acquaintance on Twitter and Facebook! We ought to cameo on each other’s blogs! Actually I do not own this one, but like I said helped a friend put it together. I have been keeping up with the Guardian comments too, forget those snobs who talk down to you. Love the blog.

    • Mel Roberts says:

      Dude, I love the cameo idea, thank you for supporting the blog and thinking it’s good enough for your mate’s too! =] As soon as my uni assignments are done, I’ll let you know, we could work on something cool =] What happened with The Guardian comments anyways, I pretty much looked about twice, remembered who reads The Guardian, laughed and logged off, haha! Thanks for the support man, you’re awesome xD

  4. The UK has a very deep tattoo community. As a global community, SoTattooed would love to share stories with our fans. Please reach out to me via e-mail if someone would like us to share their stories (or blogs) from time to time with our US based but global community. Ideally someone could have their column (and link) write consistently within SoTattooed (ST). We would like to have eyes on the ground from this community. We will also be expanding our iPhone App to the UK once we’ve added another 100 studios or so in the U.S. That should be by the New Year. Thank you all.

  5. Maximillian Jacobson - Gonzalez says:

    Followers of Tattoosday might interested in watching my brand-new documentary on tattoos and tattooing, now online at:

    TATOOS: Perceptions & Perspectives

    At a time in history when tattoos have never been more popular, transcending all previous demographic divisions and scaling statistical percentages of populations in the West, this documentary examines the contemporary mass proliferation of tattoos, recording current perceptions of tattoos and tattooing from a cross-generational perspective of people with and without tattoos. Featuring exclusive interviews with Filip Leu, Loretta Leu, Dr Matt Lodder, Anne & Julien and many more….

    Produced for the Master of Arts Creative Media in Media Studies at the University of Brighton.

    © University of Brighton / Maximillian Jacobson – Gonzalez

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