Remo Barcellone: Now at Inkredible Kreations!

When one door closes, another door opens. This phrase couldn’t be more true when it comes to tattooing. So, when Remo Barcellone was without a shop with no prior notice, you may be impressed to hear he managed to get himself started up in a great shop in about a day! If you’ve been looking for Remo at Dagren Tattoo, I’m afraid you won’t be able to find him- if you already have a deposit, though, you will be refunded. Instead, you may wish to visit him at Inkredible Kreations, where he’s currently tattooing!

Posting on Facebook, Remo said:

Hey everyone, I’m pretty honoured to say im gonna be tattooing at Inkredible Kreations in Perth now. It’s an amazing shop with a heritage like no other and ran by some amazing guys!

So if you’re looking to get an on going tattoo finished, contact me asap. I’d like to finish old work before starting anything new.

We’re still working on what days will be available as it’s a super busy shop, so it’s important you contact me asap

Mind wrap up cause Perth is pretty chilly.. x

You can see below some of Remo’s work. Hit him up here on Facebook and pop into the shop to make an appointment!

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