Cool Stuff: Roo Abrook

One of our readers has submitted a really cool set of prints they’ve created, featuring tattooed pugs, strongmen, cats, and ladies, and they’re really cool. Roo Abrook, the creator of these prints, has used antique pages from books and drawn and painted right over the top of them. There are also cushions of the strongman and tattooed lady, which would look amazing in pretty much anyone’s home. Especially mine, if you were wondering what to buy for my birthday ;)

Roo has created a Big Cartel page to display and sell all of these prints and cushions, and I would really encourage you to take a look. From Roo’s page:

Supplied on gorgeous antique paper, from circa 1850 -1950, due to age the paper has a lovely cream colour and patina, each is irregular and may have age marks which adds to the character of the piece.

Paper used comes from antique dictionaries and books – please note paper change from time to time.

PLEASE NOTE: Because we use original book pages the sizes change as we move from book to book and please note sizes are approximate.

Medium is approx: 17cm x 26cm,


Below are some pictures of my favourites, but make sure that you check them all out here and put your hands in your pockets!

2 Responses to “Cool Stuff: Roo Abrook”
  1. check us out if you get a chance !

  2. These are gorgeous, love them all! might have to make a purchase!:)

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