Tattoo Discrimination Debate Continues

For years now, the idea of discrimination against those who have tattoos has inspired many a debate. I’m pretty sure you’ll have even seen things on this site before about it if you’ve been reading for a long time. Lately, the debate has been re-opened in mainstream media, after a couple of people have been treated differently in bars or at work, just because they have tattoos. It’s a real shame, but at the same time it’s worth exploring both sides of it to really understand it.

The BBC has picked this up quite well (seen here), where they’ve been asking whether the law system around employment should include those with tattoos in regards to discrimination. I think that there are a couple of sides to this, though. I can totally get where people are coming from when it comes to work with tattoos. I think that it can be kind of uncomfortable when you’re at work and the building gets a bit warm, knowing you can’t take your long sleeves off. I totally get it, and sometimes when I’m at work I want to rip the sleeves right off my arms! For an art form that has been around for centuries longer than we have, it’s sometimes frustrating to see that tattoos still aren’t so widely accepted in the work place. Mine personally aren’t offensive in the slightest, so they’re not hurting anyone, and they’re fantastically done by great tattooers, so they look quite smart as far as I think.

At the same time though, I can’t complain. Yeah, I can’t take off my tattoos and I have to cover them up. I also can’t take my breasts off, but I’d expect everyone to cover those up in an office, too! It’s not really a big deal. Also, you have to see things how your manager would. Imagine if you have one person who has lovely tattoos, they’re not offensive and they’re very well done. On the other hand, the guy sitting next to them has crap tattoos that their friend did, that are of naked chicks or have racist content. Who are you to decide who can have their tattoos on show? Offensiveness is very subjective; it would be really hard to regulate something like that. It’s so much easier to say ‘no tattoos on show’, than, ‘you can have a tattoo, as long as we like the content of it’. If anything, the latter is more along the lines of censorship. Besides, if everyone could have tattoos on show at work, we’d only end up with even more idiots who have truly terrible tattoos on their hands and necks, because they don’t even have to consider the consequences of work anymore.

Personally, I think that as long as the rules are fair, you guys need to stop being precious little flowers over it. It really sucks when one person is genuinely discriminated against something like tattoos, but when the dress code is the same for everyone, you have no room to complain at all. If you want a job where you can have your tattoos on show, then do something about it. Work somewhere else, or start your own business. For now though, you guys need to stop complaining- there are worse things in the world than your boss not loving your tramp stamp.


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