Free Tattoo Lessons: WHY?

There’s a news story from the Daily Mail that you guys have been sending over to me quite a lot. Admittedly, I try to keep away from the Daily Mail, because it makes me angry when I read their usual closed-minded bullshit. This time though, I actually agree with it. They’ve published a story online about an anti-poverty programme in Wales that has a new course in teaching the unemployed how to design tattoos. Apparently this is supposed to help the unemployed learn transferable skills that can help them find a job, such as:

  • Trying to understand the stupid gibberish that comes from cheapskate’s mouths when they say they won’t have a tattooer design their tattoo.
  • Calculating the time and money spent after realising you’ve gained absolutely nothing from your doodles.
  • The crippling realisation that your designs weren’t good enough after seeing someone who knows their shit completely re-do the whole thing before they tattoo it.
  • Wondering why a sub-par tattooer is making money by copying line-for-line the tattoo that you designed for your friend for free.

Oh wow, where do I sign up?!

The government has spent over £2 million on this scheme, though they refuse to disclose how much of this money has been spent on the ‘tattoo lessons’. I’d assume disclosing this would probably upset the real tattooers in Wales, who pay a fortune in the taxes that pay for this crap.

I can’t even imagine why this is a course that exists. It seems that, at the moment, tattooing is still being used as a gimmick by some. As more people are publicly interested in tattooing, those who don’t understand it (or can’t be bothered to use Google) just stick the word ‘tattoo’ onto anything to try to get people interested. They’re still doing this in advertising quite a lot, too. If something needs to be ‘fun’ or ‘quirky’, people relate it to tattooing with no good reason. It has to end eventually, but for now we’ll have to endure it and try not to cry from boredom.

If you’re ever offered a six hour course in designing a tattoo, do yourself a favour and decline. There is nothing about tattooing that you can learn in six hours. There isn’t any real work-based skill you can learn in that time, in my opinion. Leave it to the professionals, please!

Click here to see the article.

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