Can’t Please Everyone

Every once in a while, you’ll see opinion pieces in mainstream media where someone starts randomly slagging off tattooing, just for the sake of people clicking on the links and reading it for adverts. It’s absolutely shameless, and I’ve always encouraged people to not even bother clicking on them, because those who click-bait should be shot with hot rice guns. Sometimes, though, you’ll see some articles that are written with a bit of thought and honesty, and they can actually be quite cool.

On the Guardian’s website at the minute, there’s an article by Kathryn Hughes that says that she doesn’t like tattoos. She doesn’t think they’re for stupid people, and she doesn’t think that we’re all slags and cavemen- she simply just doesn’t like them. From the article:

Climbing up these people’s charming arms or down their polite legs are dolphins, dragons, roses and, for the especially swotty, Latin tags. And I hate them all (the tattoos, not the people – though the boundary bleeds between the two like a back-street inking).

Of course I hate myself too. For what could be more close-minded and short-sighted than passing judgment on what someone chooses to do with their body? I feel like a throwback, obliged to stifle an involuntary shudder when the waitress who serves my flat white reveals a sleeve tatt as long as, well, her arm. “What on earth does your mother think?” I inwardly tut, avoiding the uncomfortable thought that her mother probably has one too.

Kathryn then goes on to say that she thinks it’s due to her upbringing, seeing the typical biker type people have tattoos at the time, and she acknowledges that tattoos used to be for the ‘upper classes’. It’s actually quite respectful and well written. On the other hand, I think people have taken it the wrong way, judging by how it’s been shared online. I’ve noticed that people have been sharing this, saying things like, “what an absolute bitch, why is she getting paid to humiliate how I look?!”

Can you all just calm the fuck down, please?

If we all liked the same stuff, the world would be awful. I’d get so bored I’d want to eat my own face off for something to do. At the same time, though, we don’t need arguments just because one person likes something and another person doesn’t. You’re not a precious little snowflake, and you’re not being discriminated against just because someone thinks that you looked better before getting tattooed.

I would actually really encourage reading this article, for a refreshing an honest opinion which I’m assuming is different to yours. You can click here to see it. It’s really cool to be able to read other people’s opinions on things- it helps you learn more about the world and become more tolerant of everyone else! It’s a really interesting read, and it’s written in such a great way you’d be an idiot to be angry with this.


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