Mint Gun Club Fundraiser: TOMORROW

If you’re around the Dunfermline area tomorrow, did you know you could get a tattoo from a really great shop for only £25? Not only that, but you could be doing it for a dog shelter called Any Dog’ll Do! Mikee Cue will be tattooing from this special flash sheet:


Here’s some important information:

PLEASE turn up early to avoid disappointment, piercing will be available from the start, you can have more than one design at a time but you must state this at the time if you leave the chair then decide u want another u need to queue again,you will be charged for each individually,you will be given a queue position number you can leave and come back but if your numbers been called already u will need to go to the back of the line,if someone is not there when called we may auction of that space to the highest bidder, all tattoos are £25 this includes colour if you wish it if Not its still the same price , you can choose the colour and position of your tatt but we WILL NOT tattoo bums,sides of necks,ribs faces,soles of feet,palms of hands,NOTHING else will be added in the design will be done as is (names can be put on bones only ) HAVE FUN BE PATIENT N REMEMBER ITS ALL FOR A GOOD CAUSE IF YOUR JUST HERE FOR A CHEAP TATT N R GONNA BITCH ABOUT STUFF DON’T BOTHER TURNING UP I WILL PUT YOUR CASH IN RATHER THAN DEAL WI THAT, REMEMBER NO ONE HERE IS GETTING PAID WE R ALL GIVING UP OUR TIME CHEERS GUYS !!!!

This looks like it’ll be a really fun day- and the tattoos’ll be great! Click here to see more info.


Header image by Mikee Cue

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