I will Always Have You

A new ‘mobile tattoo shop’ has been moving around Bristol lately, confusing locals everywhere. This is a tattoo shop with a difference, though. Instead of tattooing a design onto your skin, this small booth has been taking photos of the tattoos you already have. It sounds strange, but it’s actually a part of an art project by the Knowle West Media Centre.

From their website:

“I Will Always Have You” aims to map the tattooing heritage of the neighbourhood by engaging with the public and documenting their tattoos, examining the power of their personal narratives and the construction of character. We want to extract the stored memories and remembrances that are stored in people’s body art…

On Tuesday 10th June we will be unveiling the Mobile Tattoo Parlour to the public – We will be at ‘Marked Up’ tattoo studio on Leinster Avenue at 11am and touring around the neighbourhood thereafter. KWMC are looking forward to welcoming all sorts of people to the Mobile Parlour to share their experience of the creative act of tattooing. We are scratching the surface of Knowle West and we are excited to see what we might find.

While a lot of us are, admittedly, often bored with hearing about strangers’ stories about why they got their tattoos, this is still an unusual project. The ‘mobile tattoo shop’ will be at the Knowle West Media Centre in Leinster Avenue in Bristol. If you’re local, make sure you check it out!

Click here to see more about this project.

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