Tattooists, Tattooed

A new exhibition in Paris is opening today, that aims to showcase some of tattooing’s history. It’s called Tatooueurs, Tatoués, which means ‘Tattooers, Tattooed’, according to Google Translate. It should span over the world’s history, by the looks of things, taking you from the primative tattooing of tribes all the way up to the American side shows, ending with the current ‘tattoo world’.

There are a lot of people on board with this, including Anna Friedman and tattooer Tin-Tin, so you know it will be great. Here is a quick excerpt from the quai Branly museum, where the exhibition is taking place:

The exhibition returns to the sources of tattooing and presents the renewed of this phenomenon in its now permanent and globalised manifestation. In so-called “primitive” societies from the Oriental, African and Oceanian worlds, tattooing has a social, religious and mystical role and accompanies the subject in their rites of passage, including them in the community. Conversely, in the West, they have been seen as a mark of infamy, criminality, a circus attraction (with the phenomenon of side shows) and as a mark of identity for urban tribes.

If you can, you need to check this out! You can find out more by clicking here. This exhibition will be on until October 18th, so you have plenty of time to visit.


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