Hold Fast & Stay Gold

If you ask many people about American and English tattooing, a lot of us in the west could easily name a few names and talk about some important parts of tattooing’s history there. Some could even tell you in length a lot of great stories and relevant points of interest. However, when it comes to Canadian tattooing, I don’t think there are as many people who would be so familiar with its history. For this reason, Smilin’ Dave Allen has teamed up with film maker Jody Hill to create what will be a fantastic project that brings this history to life.

Hold Fast & Stay Gold will be a fantastic documentary, but it really needs you help with initial start up costs. That’s why Dave has created an Indie Go Go page where you can donate money in return for things like art prints and the documentary itself. It works just the same as KickStarter, if you were wondering.

So far, the guys only have $120, but they have a full month to raise the money, so you should get to it! In the mean time, there is a short trailer that’s been made so far to show what the film will be like, which you can see below.

This looks super awesome; make sure you click here to check this project out!

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