Gary’s Diary Day: May 24th!

It’s that time again! Gary Wiedenhof will be opening his books for November all the way up until May 2015- wow, that is a long time! Gary, who owns and works at Inkredible Kreations in Perth, Scotland, is a pretty popular guy and his books end up full in absolutely no time. If he didn’t open and close his diary like this, he’d probably be booked up until the end of next year! Like always, if you want in on this, you’ll have to be super quick. Here are the details:

We can’t stress how important consultations are – Gary won’t be taking on all kinds of work this time so please contact the studio and arrange to come in for a chat with him.

We appreciate that travelling to Perth can be a pain in the backside but if you’re not able to make it to the studio to discuss the details of your tattoo we assume that you can’t make it to the studio to get a tattoo.  The consultation is needed to go over all the details of something that is permanent – it’s incredibly important!

If you would like any more info regarding Diary Day, Clair will be in the studio all day Saturday so feel free to call or pop in (between 11 & 5) with any queries.
Thank you!

I hope you guys manage to book in with Gary- it’s awesome being tattooed by him, and his work is immense! Click here to see more.

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