Auschwitz Metal Stamps Discovered in Poland

While we treasure most of tattooing’s history, its no secret that there are some aspect’s of it that aren’t that great. At the same time, they’re still incredibly important. One of those things is the horrific events in Auschwitz in World War 2, and the way that Nazis used to tattoo the Jewish people who entered the concentration camps there.

Most of us were taught about this in school, but in case you didn’t know, Jewish people were tattooed on entering the concentration camps, in order to distinguish who was who. They started putting numbers on their clothing, but that disintegrated, so they decided on tattoos. Many holocaust survivors lived for years with those tattoos, as a mark of pain, or of survival. Some wore their tattoos with pride, and others couldn’t stand the sight of them. It was believed that the instruments used to tattoo the Jewish had been destroyed, but one recent discovery has proved otherwise.

The instruments don’t really look like the tattoo equipment we’re familiar with today. They’re actually more like stamps, which were pushed into wooden blocks to form a number, then pressed into the skin. Then, ink was rubbed into the wound to create the tattoo. It sounds unpleasant, however it’s not really anything compared to what happened there.

The instruments are still an important, if not incredibly sad part of tattooing’s history. They’ll be on show soon in Poland, at the Auschwitz museum. This has been hailed as a really important discovery, as nothing so significant has been found for such a long time. While we would never think of this in the same sense as any other part of tattooing’s history that we know of, it’s still very important, so this is a fantastic find.

You can read more about this by clicking here.

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