This is What They’ll Look Like When You’re Older

If your mother is anything like mine, one of the things you’ll hear a fair few times is comments about how your tattoos might look when you get older. People love to worry about how old they look, and for some reason tattoos are an area of ageing that people like to fixate on- what seems weird is that most of the people who comment on this are those who don’t have tattoos!

Of course your tattoos will look different as you age- your whole body will look different though, so it’s not exactly something to worry about. At the same time, though, we do love to have a laugh about this and look at pictures of older people who have tattoos. They look great! currently has a great page up that shows loads of pictures of older people with tattoos, and for the most part, they look fantastic. Their tattoos don’t look like wrinkly blobs, and they don’t really look much different to any other old people. Really, this is a great page to show your mother. You can check it out here; see below some of my favourite pictures:

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