Help out Mat Lapping!

The internet is a bit of a horrible place sometimes. Just when you think you have this whole social media bullshit figured out, some moron comes along and messes with it, clearly out of jealousy. This has happened to Mat Lapping today, which totally sucks!

Mat’s email has been hacked into, and his Instagram and work Facebook pages have been deleted, for no reason at all. This is complete bollocks, but at the same time we all know nothing really gets deleted from the internet. So, with that in mind, does anyone out there know how to recover things like this? Feel free to post a comment below, or message Mat if you have his personal Facebook page on your friends list!

In the mean time, here is some awesome work by Mat that you can still view online:

3 Responses to “Help out Mat Lapping!”
  1. mystique617 says:

    Oh damn that sucks, I’ll repost this.

  2. mystique617 says:

    Reblogged this on and commented:
    This really stinks, I know how much hard work it is to set up and keep up with your sites. Hopefully he can retrieve his information. Here is some of his work he has posted on his sites check them out. If you know how to retrieve lost information, then please reach out to Matt.
    Good Day
    And stay Thickly Tat’d

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