Instagram Alert: The Tattoo Historian

There are a lot of people who mainly use Instagram for following tattooers and the ‘industry’. It’s actually a pretty cool way to do it, since everyone seems to be on the social platform now, and tattooers really dig the fact they can instantly share their work, sometimes before their client even leaves the door. It’s proven very popular within tattooing, even if your occasional selfies make you look stupid. While we’ve talked before about how Instagram can basically be like a mini tattoo museum in your pocket, we’ve failed before to mention the account for Anna Felicity Friedman!

Anna is a tattoo historian, and she sees some pretty amazing stuff. She’s just been to Antarctica with Lyle Tuttle to help him be the first tattooer to tattoo on every continent in the world (probably- it doesn’t seem to be 100% confirmed yet!), and she posts regularly about the things that she sees while working.

Her Instagram page is really awesome, and it’s great for a daily (or, almost daily) dose of tattoo history. Check it out here.

Here are some of my favourites from her page:

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  1. […] you guys remember me telling you about Felicity Friedman’s Instagram, and her adventures in Antarctica? There’s even a feature on that this month, that you’d be crazy to miss! This is Lyle […]

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