Pen & Ink

While there are a lot of people using Tumblr to just look at pictures of cats and Dr Who, some people are using it for some really cool things, like art projects and stories. One of those Tumblr pages is Pen & Ink, a really cool site that is full of illustrations of people’s tattoos, and some stories behind why they got them.

The site is really awesome; it’s like reading someone’s diary. The stories are all really honest, and talk about people’s lives in such a lovely and interesting way. I know that you don’t have to have a story to get a tattoo, and I know a lot of us get bored with the usual, “cool tat bro, what does it mean?” comments, but sometimes it is cool to hear some stories behind why people get certain ones. After all, tattoos used to be used as symbols of a person’s life by a lot of cultures; it’s kind of cool that it’s still going.

Here are some of my favourites from Pen & Ink- make sure you check out the website here!

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  1. […] Ink. You may already know about Pen & Ink, as it started as a Tumblr page that I wrote about last Janurary. After a lot of success with that blog, the guys behind it now have published a book, which is in […]

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