Total Tattoo: Out Now!

Another great issue of Total Tattoo came out the other day, and it’s super awesome. This month has some amazing interviews and features, as well as all the usual stuff.

I think my favourite thing in this issue is a really cool issue with Chad Koeplinger, which is an astounding look at his work and travels. Chad Koeplinger is always travelling or busy, so it’s a big deal to get a great interview with him, and an even bigger deal to be able to read it. There are also features on Henrick G and Miguel Angel Bohigues, that are really fantastic.

As well as this, there is a new feature in the magazine, which is the ‘exhibition’ section. Instead of only focusing on newer tattooers, or just on the guys who will send stuff in, Total Tattoo are now focusing on the artwork of some of the best tattooers in the world. They already have Horiyoshi III, Carlos Torres, and Marcus Maguire involved in this, and it’ll be great to see who else’s work we see!

There are also the usual convention features, which are always top notch- this month features the Brussels Tattoo Convention, the Sheffield Tattoo Show, the King of Tattoo Tokyo, and Tattoo Sunday in Bruges. As well as this, if you subscribe to Total Tattoo this month you will also receive a free ticket to the Brighton Tattoo Convention! The Brighton show is one of the best out there, so that’s a really amazing free gift! If your New Years Resolution was to read more, this would be a good enough excuse.

As well as this, there’s all the usual stuff like Gallery Plus and all the latest news. You can get Total Tattoo from all the good newsagents, and also online on various devices. If you click here you can see how to download it.

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