Christmas Shop: Tattoos

So, for the past couple of weeks, we’ve been having a look at all the cool tattoo-related swag you could be getting for Christmas. You can see previous posts here and here. However, instead of trying to decide what a tattooed person would want for Christmas (hint: it could be anything! We’re all different!), why not just get them a freakin’ tattoo? Everyone loves that, and you’ll definitely be in Santa’s good books for getting someone a tattoo. This is why there are so many shops selling their own vouchers for Christmas- this is honestly what we’d prefer over some “tattooed people are cool” t-shirt.

If you’re not really too knowledgeable around tattooing, and you’ve found this page while trying to find a gift, here’s a hint: everyone has their favourite local shop. If you’re not sure what it is, just pretend a friend has asked you for a recommendation- you’ll definitely find out what it is that way!

Here’s a short list of some of the cool people I know are selling vouchers- you can find them all with a quick Facebook search, or go to their shop in person. If you’re a tattooer selling your own vouchers, feel free to add to this list by commenting below!

Awol – Galway
Inkredible Kreations – Perth
Pigments of Imagination – Newport
Mint Gun Club – Dunfermline
Holier than Thou- Manchester
Spacey’s Bizzarre Ink – Edinburgh
Bodyink – Harwich
Blood sweat and ink – Essex
Dagren tattoo – Dunfermline
Tattoo FX – Burgess Hill
Ink Addiction – Norwich
Arthur T’s – Newcastle
Tattoo UK – all UK shops
Marked for Life – Stockton on Tees
Titan Tattoo Company – Glasgow
Spacey’s Bizzarre Ink – Edinburgh
Diamond Ink – Durham
Ace Kustom – Manchester

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