The Richest Tattooers in the World?

A website called The Richest has a list on their website right now, of the 10 richest tattooers in the world. It’s one of those things that you look at, where you don’t really care, but you can’t help but be interested in. It has some tattooers who you would expect (such as Ami James, Scott Campbell, and Kat Von D), but it’s missing quite a few!

This list shows tattooers by how much they charge by the hour, however many of these hourly rates are quite reasonable. Mike Rubendall is number 10 on this list, with an average rate of $125 an hour- I think that there are many tattooers out there who see this as a reasonable price, and probably charge something similar!

It’s also pretty dumb to only look at hourly rates, like this list has done. People still assume that tattooers are tattooing for eight full hours a day every week. You could do one tattoo a week that costs $1000, but the guy down the street who charges $100 an hour may make more from the amount of customers who can afford his work over yours.

Also, what about money made from things such as sketchbooks, clothing, artwork, and everything in between? Compared to your average tattooer, someone like Horiyoshi III or Ed Hardy would be rolling in cash! This isn’t really taken into consideration.

Either way, you can take a look at the full list here. Like I said, it’s one of those things where you won’t care too much about what’s in it, but you’ll have enough curiosity about it to click!

One Response to “The Richest Tattooers in the World?”
  1. Marie Terry says:

    just checked out the list, it was actually surprising, thanks for putting this up though! :)

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