“A Tattooing Artist”

A really cool old article from the New York Tribune has been making the rounds online after the Vanishing Tattoo posted it to their Facebook page, and I think you guys will love it. It was written in 1902, and it talks mostly about tattooers practicing on children, so that their paying clients had better tattoos. Now, that would be all over the news and people would be in prison- at the time though, it was perfectly normal! Here’s an excerpt:

Another amateur tattooer pricked out an elaborate cemetery scene with the inscription “To the memory of Beloved Mother Gone to Rest.” Quite by accident, probably, he put it on the skin of a boy whose mother is very much alive, and has no idea of “going to rest” just yet.
The boy strutted all the way home and was the envy of every other child in Attonrey-st. He hunted up his mother and showed her the pathetic tribute to her memory. She failed to see the joke. So did the boy after she had finished tattooing another part of his anatomy with a slipper. She, too, complained to the boy’s teacher.

It’s always great to be able to read something like this, and this is definitely one of those times when you can look at this and think “hey, the internet is great, really”. You can read the whole thing here– get on it!

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