Win a Tattoo by Nigel Kurt and Kevin Slack!

Nigel Kurt and Kevin Slack are amazing tattooers, and you should want to be tattooed by them. However, I know we don’t always have the funds to get tattooed by everyone we want to, so what if I said you could win a free tattoo by both of them, and raise money for a great cause at the same time? Yep, everyone wins! This is all possible if you enter their contest they have going on at the minute, on their Just Giving page for the Rain Rescue Animal Shelter!

Here’s some info:

Kelvin and Nigel are offering a full days collaborative tattoo. To enter once you need to donate £10 to Rain Rescue animal shelter. Every extra £10 you donate will enter you again. £20 = 2 entries, £50 = 5 entries etc. The tattoo could be done as soon as Saturday 23rd November.

Rain Rescue literally save animals from Death Row. They take animals who would be otherwise put to sleep and care for them. They have no funding and without donations like these they would close.

So far, the guys have made £130, which is pretty good, but it could be a lot more! There’s only one way that you can win, so make sure that you donate on the page right here!

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