Gary Wiedenhof’s Diary Day TOMORROW

Oh, it’s the hard life being a tattooer in such high demand! Okay, not really, but there’s a lot of organisation involved, for sure. For a tattooer like Gary Wiedenhof in Inkredible Kreations (Perth), having a busy schedule means that there aren’t many times you can book in a tattoo with him. Thankfully, the guys at the shop have special days when you can come down on a first come first served basis, and secure the spot you need!

Tomorrow, you will be able to make plans to be tattooed by Gary, from now until 2014- cool stuff! Here’s some info from their facebook page:

We have Gary’s Diary day on Saturday (26th October)… We’ve a lot of exciting news in the pipeline for you all but due to some of it we’re going to have to make this the last Diary Day for Gary till May 2014.

So, if you’d like to book with Gary for next year (March to June or possibly July 2014) pop round and see us on Saturday.

If you can’t make it send yer maw/best pal/paid minion as they can book for you.

You/they will need:
As much reference material as possible.
An idea of placement and size (as exact as possible) and whether the design is to be black & grey or colour.
I.D. (If booking for someone else we’ll need them to bring their ID ASAP).
A deposit (£50 is the maximum we ask for).

If you’ve any questions just drop in to the studio, give us a call or message us on Facebook.

Thank you muchly!

Here is some work by Gary that will knock your socks off:

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