New Book: Art Duels

Good old fashioned duels are the best. Whether it’s a fight for a fair maiden’s hand, an army for the good fight, or good old camaraderie, the word ‘duel’ makes you think of something epic. A new sketchbook aims to make you see such epicness, with all the profits going to the awesome MacMillan cancer support- great! Here’s some info:

Art Duels: Tattoos, Graffiti and Illustrations is a charity sketchbook bursting with “battles” between both up-and-coming and established tattooists, graffiti artists and illustrators from around the globe. There are two artists to a duel, who were both given the same brief to produce a single piece of artwork each. Inside the book you will find fifty eight full colour prints depicting the final artworks produced by each of the artists involved in this project. Alongside each individual print you will find a short biography about the artist who produced the piece and the artist’s contact details.

There doesn’t seem to be an artist list on this one (boo!), but I have noticed that Rachel Baldwin and Juliet at Inkarma are involved, and they’re really awesome tattooers so this must be great! The artwork shown on the website looks pretty cool too; you can check that out here.

Really, this sketchbook looks great, it’s for a good cause, and it’s only £20 as well- why not give it a go? I’m sure you can all spare the price of a Dominos pizza for such a great charity. You can buy Art Duels by clicking here!

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