New Magazine: Under The Skin

I love tattoo magazines, and I love free stuff. I’m guessing you guys are all the same, too. A new free tattoo magazine called Under the Skin has just come out, and it looks really cool! The first issue is up already, and I’d certainly recommend checking it out.

This issue features some really great tattooers, such as Dotwork Damien, Filip Pasieka, Sam Boyce, Ian Robert McKown, and Nipper. There are loads of other great artists in there too, mind! Also featured are contemporary artists, music and fashion features, all of which I think you’ll be interested in. I know normally tattoo magazines can get it wrong when they try to cover other things, but these guys seem to be getting it just right.

The whole magazine is laid out very well, and it reminds me of Total Tattoo in the way that it isn’t just a book full of advertisements. I really enjoyed reading it, and I hope that the next one is out soon. The only thing I felt it missed was an overall news bit at the front- sometimes you just want a quick skim of what’s happening, bro! A news section of a couple of pages would be pretty awesome!

In all honesty, though, I know that there aren’t many free publications that really go the distance, and I know from working for one how hard it can be, so I really hope the guys behind this have the best success. Good luck with it all; this first issue was great!

You can download the first issue by going to the website, here!

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