My Tattoo Addiction: This Week

If you’ve been keeping up to date with our Facebook page, you may know that I’ve recently moved house and don’t have the internet yet. I’m lost without Netflix, and I’ve spent half of my time watching crap TV shows (and awesome ones, like my new favourite, Bitchin Kitchen!). The other day, I saw an advert on TV about another crappy TV show that first aired last year, called My Tattoo Addiction. No matter how bored I get, I will not be watching this show.

The advert itself makes those with tattoos look like freaks. We’re shown people with terrible tattoos, who say they have an addiction, and can’t find work, among other stupid stories. It’s another TV circus, that really belittles anyone who has a tattoo, and I genuinely can’t even believe they gave it a second series. Here’s a synopsis for tonight’s episode, the first in the series:

In the tattoo world you can either stand out or fit in. This episode meets the individuals whose tattoos make them feel whole and make a statement about the person they want to be.

Unemployed father-of-six Paul’s facial tattoos are his pride and joy but are also a barrier to regular work.

Duncan expresses his grief at the loss of a close friend through the ink on his body; while James expresses his desire to escape from his surroundings in his tattoos.

And Helen and Amy’s tattoos are part of their attempt to fit in to a world that views them as outsiders.

Why aren’t awesome shows like The Gypsy Gentleman or Tattoo Age on national TV instead? It’s weird that people will actually watch this crap. They normally either piss me off or bore me! Anyway, even though I won’t be watching this, I’d love to know what you think. Will you bother watching it? What are your views on this sort of thing? Share your views in the comments below.

My Tattoo Addiction is on Channel 4 tonight, at 10PM.

3 Responses to “My Tattoo Addiction: This Week”
  1. dave winn says:

    Well said,this programme does nothing for the tattoo community or peoples view points on tattooed is a massive shame that,as you mentioned,programmes as elegantly put together as gypsy gentlemen wont see the light of day on any major channel.tattooing is becoming more and more acceptable in modern society and these types of programmes only highlight the bad points of the industry.making a programme highlighting people who have gone mad with a jenny Clarke flash book is such a shame when there are so many talented artists about.thank god for Markus kuhn and tattooage . @davewinntattoo_sgc

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  2. […] tattooing seriously. Now, if someone could show the Daily Mail that this is how it’s done (or even other Channel 4 employees for that matter!), that would be […]

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