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Well, I guess you guys saw this post coming. I don’t normally like to talk about celebrity tattoos, but when so many people are talking about it and it’s on the front page of The Sun, I’m assuming it’s something people want to hear about.

Two days ago, Nikko Hurtado posted up a picture of an in-progress tattoo on one of his favourite clients, Cheryl Cole. For those of you who don’t live in the UK, she’s a singer who used to be in a girlband, and was a judge on The X Factor. She’s always had a bit of a thing for tattoos, and everyone already knew that. This is definitely her biggest one:

(C) Nikko Hurtado

(C) Nikko Hurtado

Wow! This is a really beautiful tattoo, as you would obviously expect from Nikko. Cheryl is someone who’s been a pain in tattooer’s arses for a few years after so many girls wanted to copy the tattoo on her hand, but I bet they won’t mind if so many girls will be coming to them for some sweet roses in future!

From what I’ve seen, most people have been pretty positive about it- unless we’re counting the mainstream media. The Daily Mail reckons it’s self harm! People on Twitter lost their shit! Matt Lodder even had to take to BBC Radio to talk about it (1hr 40 mark!). In all honestly, I think that it’s not really a big deal- another celebrity will get a tattoo next week, and they’ll be the new face of articles titled “10 Regrettable Celebrity Tattoos!”.

Really though, I’d love to know what you guys think of the whole thing. Do you think it’s fair that so many people are losing their minds, or do you think even celebrities should be left alone over their tattoos? Personally, if I was a celebrity I’d be a bit freaked out over loads of people caring about my arse, unless they were about to kiss it!

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