Total Tattoo- Out Now!

I’m taking the week off, this week! It’s official- I finally have a holiday. I’ll put up a proper post about this in a second, but until then, Total Tattoo is out now for the month, and you should read that this week, instead. Since I’m refusing to work unless I need to this week, I’ll hand you over to James’ post on the Total Tattoo Magazine website for this month’s issue:


Total Tattoo – the UK’s favourite tattoo magazine!
Voted ‘Best UK Tattoo Magazine’ at the UK Tattoo Industry Awards, 2010 & 2011

Issue 107 is on the shelves now! In this month’s magazine we meet up with Adriaan Machete to discuss his love and passion for ink, and his recent relocation from Mexico to Germany. We discover the beautiful Japanese inspired designs of England’s low key female tattooist Hayley Hayes. Lea Nahon shares with us her high energy bold graphic designs that are creating a storm across Europe.
We have two great portfolios – from David Swambo, Physical Graffiti, and Dawei Zhang, Da Wei Tattoo – and this month’s Private View presents the strong work of Joey Ortega from Triple Crown Tattoo (USA).
Mel Noir discusses the age-old problem of tattoo judgment and the older generation.
Our massive Gallery Plus section is packed with tattoos and features sections on Light, Yummy things to eat, Fishy things and Hand and Foot tattoos, and we have convention reports from the awesome Taiwan Tattoo Convention, the incredible Moscow Convention and the super friendly Northampton Tattoo Show, along with all our regular features, news and reviews.
There is also the chance to WIN tickets to the London Tattoo Convention and tattoo suncream from Forever Ink.
Total Tattoo is on sale at a store near you. Email to find your nearest stockist or click on the cover to buy online in paper or digital form…



I hope you guys like this issue- go get it now! :)

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  1. Mel Noir says:

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    Read stuff! The new issue of Total Tattoo is out now- go and buy it! Check out the back page for this month’s column from me. What the fuck is up, y’all!!

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  1. […] If you can’t bear to be away, why not buy a copy of Total Tattoo magazine? My column is in it this month, as well as a plethora of other great things. […]

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