Lal’s Geordie Tour 2013!

Howay lads and lasses, you knew as a geordie lass I’d be writing about this one. Lal Hardy is up here in Newcastle, paying our tattoo shops a visit! He won’t be guesting (boo!), but he’s visiting some of our tattoo shops, as he loves to do in pretty much any city. Lal is a really great tattooer and is a friend to many, so I’m sure he’ll be enjoying his time up here. Sorry the weather isn’t as good as last week though. Lal even has a t-shirt for the occasion:


Lal’s Instagram page is already one which you should be following for his unique look into tattooing, its history, and his work, but you should definitely check it out for his newest photos of the shops around here! So far it seems that he’s been to Northside, with Low, and Ossie’s Tattoo Surgery. Ossie’s is the oldest tattoo shop in Newcastle, and was the first I ever stepped foot in (remember this, Lauren Potts?!)! I think I still even have the business card from that day; it was fun to see it again!

Anyway, you need to follow Lal regardless, but if you want to see more from his tour feel free to click here! Here’s some photos; hope you don’t mind me posting them Lal!

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