Adrian Cipollone: Unlovable Heartbreaker

I was sent a new video the other day, of the new video from RUN Productions for their client, P&Co. They recently signed a new director for their commercial stuff, called Daniel Peters. Normally, I get really bored with these things and delete too many emails, but this one is actually pretty cool. It features Adrian Cipollone, of Kings Cross Tattoo in London, tattooing a design related to the brand.

After checking it all out, the company is actually pretty cool, and even though it’s a little hipsterish, I think you’ll quite like the video! You can check it out below; make sure you hit up Adrian here and Daniel at RUN Prodctions here.

Thanks to Elisa for sending this!


EDIT: This originally went out saying that P&Co had made this video- P&Co are RUN’s clients! Also, RUN Productions do commercial work, not promo work. Sorry for any confusion, guys. Make sure you go to to see more of Daniel’s work from them.

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