Inked Up: Vote Now

Over the last few months, Rockstar energy drinks have been really pushing their latest promotion, where tattooers have been designing new can designs to win a boatload of money and a piece in a magazine. Normally, things like this are really cheesy and have terrible artwork by sub-standard tattooers, but this particular promotion actually has some of the best tattooers out there competing against each other!

Here’s a list of the finalists for you:

 Fuck yeah! I bet you didn’t expect such great tattooers on that list! With that being said, even the best tattooers in the world don’t like to turn their noses up at the idea of showing their work off on a Rockstar can- it’s something a little different for everyone, so I can imagine them enjoying the challenge.
What’s even cooler is that you can vote for your favourite right now, if you live in the United States. The tattooer with the most votes wins, and also by voting you could also win a trip to Hollywood for you and a friend!
You can see all of the designs and vote by clicking here!
I honestly like all of the entries, but here are some of them for you to take a look at:

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