The Myths of Modern Primitivism

If you’ve ever read something by Matt Lodder, you’ll know that he’s probably one of the coolest historians out there. Matt is an art historian, and there’s nothing he loves to write about more than tattoos. You’ve probably seen his work before in Total Tattoo magazine, and you probably learned a billion things from it. He’s just one of those guys who can’t stop until he knows everything he can, and it makes him really interesting.

Ever the gentleman, Matt has been kind enough to publish some of his work online for free recently. Named ‘The Myths of Modern Primitivism’, the article explores the relationship with primative tattooing and how it is today. It also focuses on a book called ‘Modern Primitives’, which became well known within tattooing for its contents which, at the time, were considered extremely graphic.

The article itself is extremely well written and interesting, which is something I rarely say about academic articles. Let’s face it, loads of them are normally boring! This is definitely for you guys who have time to kick back with a cup of tea and read something which will open your mind a little. You’ll love it.

You can see the article as a PDF file here!

One Response to “The Myths of Modern Primitivism”
  1. Thanks so much for sharing that, Mel!

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