Galway’s First Convention!

Galway’s first tattoo convention is coming this September, and it looks like it’s going to be great! Their artist list looks great, their entertainment is perfect, and the location is smashing- just what Galway needs, I reckon!

I know exactly what you guys are looking for in a convention, and I can tell you that, especially for a first convention, the artists there will be great. You can see their list by clicking here. Within the guys going, you’ll see Chris Jones, Jeff Linares, and Matt Adamson, among other great tattooers!

There will also be a showing of Tattoo Nation, one of my favourite tattoo documentaries of the last few years (review here!). This will be the Republic of Ireland’s first ever showing of the film, and you need to check it out! It had a very limited showing in the UK, so you’ll be sorry if you miss it.

There will also be a book signing with Aia Leu, for her book The Art of the Family Leu. The book looks incredible, and I’d encourage you to take extra money to get a copy for her to sign while you’re there. I doubt there’ll be another opportunity for you to do it, unless you travel the world a lot (and even then, how often will she be signing these?).

There’ll also be the usual events and goings on within the convention, though many events are really cool and inventive, rather than your usual graffiti and burlesque dancer stuff. You need to get to this convention if you can! If you’d like to take a better look and order some tickets, feel free to click here!


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