Hooper VS Pecker

It’s finally Friday! Let’s celebrate with something fun. I was sent this video the other day of Thomas Hooper and Oliver Peck exchanging palm tattoos. The video was shot by Stewart Robson, in Frith Street (London), presumably while doing guest spots there. It’s a little old now but I’d never seen this before, and I’m sure there’ll be plenty of you who still haven’t, either.

I love this video. People like to ask me where is the most painful place on the body to get tattooed, and they are always surprised when I mention palms. I think I’ll show them this video in future. Oliver hates getting his palms tattooed! The shots of him getting tattooed are hilarious- he can’t take it to a point where he actually pulls back and Thomas ends up tattooing his thumb!

On the other hand (ha!), though, how calm is Thomas getting tattooed?! Perhaps you shouldn’t show people shots of Thomas getting tattooed; they won’t believe you about the pain.

Anyway, you can have some fun by watching below:

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