Chris Conn is Back!

Chris Conn is a character who has been out of tattooing for too long. He was a really awesome tattooer, who always put out really solid work. He pretty much perfected neo traditional tattooing before most people cared about it, but then decided to quit. After hanging up his machines in 2006, he’s been focusing on fine art.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, Juan Puente posted this to his Instagram account:

Chris is back! This is really exciting, and I can’t wait to see what his time away from tattooing does to his work. It’s so great to see that his work is still so solid already.

If you’d like to get tattooed by Chris, you can email He’s working in LA, but I can imagine that his availability may not look so good when loads of people realise he’s back, so book in quickly!

Just for good measure, here’s what Chris was up to between 2006 and now. It was still awesome; just not as exciting as his return to tattooing!

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