R.I.P., Chris Pfouts

Tattooing has lost another legend. Chris Pfouts, one of the coolest writers and editors in the world, sadly passed away on June 12th. Chris was the editor of INTERNATIONAL TATTOO ART, as well as the writer of cool books like ‘Hula Dancers and Tiki Gods’, and ‘Lead Poisoning’. He was a really cool guy, and wrote in a way that the rest of us wish we could.

Durb Morrison wrote a note on his Facebook page about Chris which you should sit down and read. Here’s a short excerpt:

Chris Pfouts was inspirational to me personally, in many ways, through his approach to his writing and his outlook on life and his approach to those around him. Chris always had a welcoming spirit and had met many people along his journey. Having touched so many other people along the way, his warm handshake, bright eyes and sincere spirit brought many in the community back monthly to read what Chris had to say in his monthly editorials.

This is really sad news, and we hope that Chris’ friends and family are all okay.

One Response to “R.I.P., Chris Pfouts”
  1. Robert Skaggs says:

    Chris was my neighbor and a good friend going to miss him stopping by for a cookout seeing that smile the gravel in his voice and them words HEY GOT SOMETHING FOR YA!!! RIP Chris your friend Robert Skaggs

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