Tattoo Culture Magazine: Issue 2

The second issue of Tattoo Culture magazine is out, and it’s another one that you really need to buy. This issue is really enjoyable to read, and is absolutely jam-packed full of really great stuff!

This issue has so many great tattooers in it, it’d be hard to list them all because I’m sure I’d miss someone out. You can read about Thomas Hooper’s horror at finding out someone lasered off a tattoo he did, or about Chad Koeplinger’s chat with Timothy Hoyer about his career (and how to pronounce his name!), or read an update from Henk Schiffmacher on the shop and some beautiful Japanese hand painted tattoo designs by Mr Kato for Horiyoshi I.

There is so much in this issue that you will honestly have to read it a few times. At the same time though, nothing feels drawn out. You don’t care that the interviews are drawn out over several pages, because you’re enjoying reading them. You also don’t mind that you’ve paid $3.99 for a digital magazine, because there are so many pages in it. It’s just a super great issue, and all of those involved in this should be really happy with it.

You can buy Tattoo Culture in many various digital forms, though I would recommend buying it for your computer if you can. Adobe Reader has a ‘full screen’ view which is great for it (tip: press the + key to zoom in so it’s easy to read!), though I guess it would also be enjoyable on any other device. If you’d like to buy the issue (or the first one!), please feel free to click here!


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