Honouring a Legend

On Wednesday, it’ll be forty years to the day that Sailor Jerry left us for the big tattoo shop in the sky. Forty years; that’s ages! Yet, we’re still always seeing his work everywhere we go, and remembering the true legend that he was. There are very few tattooers in the world who will be remembered for being so innovative, smart, and inspirational.

This year, the Sailor Jerry guys are honouring this by letting forty people across the UK who would like to be tattooed with his flash do so for only 12GPB. I know some of you are instantly thinking, ‘great, another gimmick where rubbish shops give away cheap tattoos’- I thought that first, too. However, this time, there are only four shops in the UK doing this, and they’re actually really cool shops. Here’s a list:

Den of Intiquity- Edinburgh

Rain City- Manchester

13 Diamonds- London

Into You- Brighton

If you want to get tattooed on the day, we recommend turning up before the tattooers even do, because there’ll be a queue! There is a ‘death before dishonour’ flash sheet with 10 designs on it, which each shop will have. The first 10 people in line can choose theirs, and then that’s it- everyone else will have to go home, I’m afraid!

So, if you’d like to take part, hurry down to one of these shops as soon as they open on Wednesday- good luck!


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