Frith Street’s Summer Guests!

Frith Street in London is playing host to some of the coolest tattooers across the world this summer. The shop, which is always so well known for outstanding performance, will be really busy over the next few months, with so many guests, and if you know anything you’ll want in on these.

Below is a list of their guest spots- anyone in red is fully booked!

Beau Brady – 25th – 28th May

Frank Carter – 8th – 12th June

Jack – 13th – 15th June

Zuno – 24th – 29th June

Civ – 12th – 13th July

Daniele Ceyen – 24th – 30th July

Sento – 6th – 15th August

Miles – 15th August – 15th September

Chad Koeplinger – 18th – 25th September

Paul Dobleman – 23rd September

Steve Boltz & Bert Krak

Mario Desa

There are loads of different ways to book in with each tattooer, so if you’d like to book in, please visit the Frith Street blog here, to see how to book in. You’ll have to be fast- these guest spots will fill ridiculously quickly!

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