Tattoo Nation: Streaming & DVD!

Last month the film Tattoo Nation finally came to the UK, after first being shown at the London Tattoo Convention last year. It was a really awesome film, mostly focusing on black and grey American styles of tattooing. You can read my review here, if you missed it. The film was really fantastic, but if you live in the UK you probably noticed its biggest flaw- it was only open in cinemas for one day. You only had that one day, and if you were busy, tough. Some of you guys might even be reading about it being shown for the first time now, as the coverage the film received over here was rubbish! Most people had no idea it was being shown, missed it, then were pretty bummed out.

Thankfully, you can now order a DVD or stream the film online, from the website. It’s a film I would highly recommend, and if you have the time and money this is what you should invest it in. You can ‘rent’ the DVD (where you pay and than can watch within 72 hours) for $6.99, or buy the DVD for $19.99. You can even send a rental as a gift, if you would like. You can check it all out here on the Tattoo Nation website- you’ll thank me later!

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