Made to Last

Plenty of people ask me, and probably ask you, what you think that your tattoos will look like when you get old. ‘Pretty fucking awesome’ is the answer you can give them, while showing them a new Instagram feed that’s been taking up my lunch breaks lately. The new feed, simply called ‘vintage_tattoos’, shows submissions from people all over the world, showing off their old tattoos.

There are some really impressive submissions here, too, from tattooers such as Ron Ackers, Doc Forbes, and Mike Malone, to name a few. Of course, these tattoos are decades away from being ‘just fresh’, so you’ll never see them exactly as they were intended to first look. What is interesting, though, is seeing these tattoos as they were intended to last. You may be surprised to see whose tattoos lasted longer, and how they all ended up appearing. Personally, I’ve been the most impressed with the Bert Grimm submissions, though regular readers will know I’m a little biased sometimes towards him (howay though he was bawlin’!).

I’ve pulled from the site my five favourites, and hope that I’ve given the correct credit to each one. If you’d like to see more, I’d encourage you to whip out your phone and follow vintage_tattoos. No smartphone? Got ya covered- click here. Here’s my favourites:

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