75 Kick Ass Geometric Tattoos

Those of you who read this often know I love Buzzfeed, and their tattoo related posts. Today they posted up some really cool geometric tattoos. I quite like tattoos like this, though I can only assume the people they would look best on would be those minimalist types who only have a few tattoos. I can’t see these looking good on my busy arms, around a load of other stuff. Either way, I think they’re cool tattoos when they’re done right. I can imagine that they’re hard to do, since straight lines can be tricky, but if you find a great tattooer who can do it, why not?

As with anything on Buzzfeed, some of these tattoos are great and some not so much. Also, the photo credits are pretty sparse. With that being said, if you see anything below and you know the name of the tattooer, please feel free to let me know!

You can click here to see the full list; here are four of my favourites:

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