Total Tattoo’s June Issue: Out Now!

Hey guys; thanks very much for your patience after last week and all your support. I’m back with a vengeance and ready to let you guys know that the new issue of Total Tattoo is now out.

As always, this looks like another fantastic issue. The tattoo artists featured in this month’s issue include Dane Mancini, Oliver Jerrold, Domantas Parvainis, Sage Cushman, and Martin Crosthwaite. They’re really fantastic features which I’m sure you’ll enjoy reading- I definitely did.

There is, as always, convention coverage of some of the best conventions happening within the last month or two. This month has coverage of Mondial du Tatouage, in Paris, The Scottish Tattoo Convention, and The Budapest Tattoo Convention. Really great stuff, with some fantastic tattoos from all over the world.

The Private View this year is also pretty awesome. It’s by Darren Wright, and it’s the kind of stuff that makes you want to get to his shop straight away to book something in. This, alongside the usual stuff, makes it another fantastic issue which I’d recommend you run out to buy.

You can get Total Tattoo from all the good newsagents, and also online on various devices. If you click here you can see how to download it.

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