The Bristol Tattoo Club: Still in Business!

The Bristol Tattoo Club is one of the coolest clubs within tattooing- fact. Founded in 1952 by Les Skuse (around twenty years after opening his shop in Bristol), the club almost instantly gained worldwide attention. That’s pretty impressive, in an age where no one could instantly become famous over the internet or through reality TV. The club, at the time, was open to anyone who had a fiver’s worth of tattoos on them, and was for both tattooers and enthusiasts. Here’s a video I posted up here last year:

The Bristol Tattoo Club


There is also a fantastic page on The Salvage Yard which has loads of information and photos on it which you need to see, here.

One thing I’ve found surprising recently is that not many people seem to realise that the Bristol Tattoo Club is still up and running! Anyone can join- I’m BTC Member 2358! While the club is very different now, mainly still running as a way for Jimmie Skuse to commemorate his late father, there are still members around conventions representin’ all the time! It’s a really cool way to be a part of history, and you also get a t-shirt and certificate. There’s a roll number on that certificate which lets you get special BTC discounts from supply companies if you’re a tattooer, which is really cool.

If you’d like to find out more, feel free to click here and go to the website!

2 Responses to “The Bristol Tattoo Club: Still in Business!”
  1. Always wanted to start a club like this, though it all seems so redundant with the internet. Glad you joined up!

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