Vine: A Solution For Dodgy Tattoo Photos?

You know how hard it can be sometimes to take a photograph of a tattoo, right? Yeah, a tattoo is kind of two- dimensional, but then when you take into account the fact it’s on a living breathing person it looks more three-dimensional, and it just pisses people off when we’re taking photos! Well, there could be a solution. There’s a new(ish) social media app that some tattooers have really been using to their advantage lately that you guys should all know about. It’s called Vine, and it’s by Twitter.

On Vine, instead of taking one photo, you can take a few video shots of something, and then they get stitched together. Some really cool tattooers, such as Myke Chambers and the guys at Frith Street, have already realised that this creates a really great way to show off their work. From there, you can show videos of the tattoos, but they’re not a pain for other people to load up and watch- they’re also very sociable, as it all ends up on a news feed just like your Twitter or Instagram pages.

My favourite Vine users so far, apart from those two I just mentioned, include Jesse Smith and Liz Cook. There are plenty of other tattooers joining in as well, and it’s looking pretty cool! The videos are almost hypnotic in the way they’re put together, too.

Anyway, you can download Vine here, on any iOS device!


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