Conspiracy Inc.- Shop’s Finished!

Hopefully you remember me telling you guys a while ago about Consipiracy Inc.’s new digs in Berlin. Well, I’m happy to let you know that they’re pretty much done! At least, I can assume so, since they set a date to finish it, and that date is tomorrow. Plus, on the 10th they said they were extremely close. I’m going to stick my neck out and say it’s done.

Besides, they already have so much going on; it’s awesome! For starters, Wendy Pham and Matthew Gordon are going to be tattooing there full time for at least six months, and you can already book with them! They’ll be available from Monday, which is brilliant. If you’d like to make enquiries you can do so by emailing either or Brilliant!

Oh, also Uncle Alan has his waiting list set up now, too. I know that’s actually ridiculously exciting, but waiting list news is boring to read so here it is. I can’t wait to see what Uncle Alan gets up to soon!

Finally, they have already managed to get a guest tattooer in the shop before it’s even opened! That’s pretty damn cool. Next month, Joey Ortega will be there from 8th ’till the 12th, and I’m sure he’ll be doing some really fantastic tattoos, too. To enquire with him about bookings, you can email!

I really love this shop, and it’s so exciting to see what’s going on with this move to Berlin. Loads of tattooers move around all the time, but not many successfully move a whole damn shop. Everything seems to be going so well for the Conspiracy Inc. guys, and it couldn’t happen to better people. If you’d like to keep up to date with what’s happening, feel free to follow their blog here!

Also, here’s some recent stuff by Uncle Alan, from here, because his work is immense:

2 Responses to “Conspiracy Inc.- Shop’s Finished!”
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    Be sure to read my blog and follow it, too!

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