Inkredible Kreations’ Bully Fundraiser- Day One!

A short while ago I told you guys about the Inkredible Kreations fundraiser in aid of the Bull Terrier Club, the French Bulldog Welfare Trust, and Bulldog Rescue and Rehoming UK, and you all seemed to go a bit mad and absolutely loved the very thought of it. Well, they’ve kicked off the fundraiser today, and it’s going so well that we were all right to be excited!

Everyone who knows the guys at the shop know that they love their dogs possibly even more than they love tattooing, and so this fundraiser is one that just makes sense. Also, 100% of the proceeds will be going to the charities involved, which is pretty damn awesome when you consider the costs that go into these things.

Over today, up until Sunday, the guys are tattooing portraits of their customers’ dogs, and so far the tattoos have been really incredible. This is a fantastic tattoo shop to begin with, but to see a load of great work done already on the first day blows my mind.

I’ve nicked some of the photos off the Facebook event page to show you guys, but I’d encourage you to get over to the page and take a look around! There’s been loads of great feedback from people, and there’ll be more added over the weekend. I can’t wait to see how much money is finally raised.

I hope everyone at Inkredible Kreations is having a great time- wish I could be there!

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