UK Top Tattoo Artists: Removed?!

I won’t lie; I hate Facebook. Any of you guys who follow us on our Facebook page can probably tell, because I always avoid updating it (sorry about that). However, it has its uses, and one of those uses was always wasting a few minutes having a look at the UK Top Tattoo Artists page every once in a while. Now I hear it’s gone, and because of some weird circumstances, too.

It looks like there’s been some speculation over where the money for the UK Top Tattoo Artists Sketchbook has been going. I don’t really want to add fuel to the fire too much, though it looks as though there was a problem with how much money was being donated to charities, or whether tattooers knew about Chris Hall, the guy behind it, was selling prints of some paintings. All I really know for certain is what the Dove House Hospice has written:



Again, I don’t really like to speculate, but that looks pretty legit.

Another reason I hate Facebook is because people type with their knuckles after dragging them across the ground all day, and I heard some pretty shitty things being said about Chris that were out of order. He’s devestated, and has deleted the Facebook page, and his own account, too. That’s really sad, especially for a guy who started out just putting stuff on Facebook in his spare time, and trying to contribute to tattooing positively after enjoying being around it. Hey, that’s why I started writing when I was eighteen, and now you’re sitting here reading this blog.

I met Chris at a convention once, and spoke to him quite a few times, and he seemed a pretty stand up guy. He just struck me as a really big fan of tattooing. I actually bought a sketchbook from him, too, for the Jo & Mya Foundation, and he didn’t seem like anyone who had a shitty motive behind his actions or anything like that. Whether something strange is going on or not, here’s hoping this gets sorted quickly.

2 Responses to “UK Top Tattoo Artists: Removed?!”
  1. kidkimura says:

    I spoke to Chris on Facebook tonight, him and the page are both back now. I didn’t see everything that was said, but I heard it got pretty disgusting. It all seemed to start off with someone suggesting some dodgy activity, which as far as I can tell has been completely disproved.

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  1. […] After last month’s dramatics surrounding the UK Top Tattoo Artists Facebook page, I’m happy to let you know that the second charity sketchbook is going ahead. The Facebook page is back up now, and will be raising lots of money for the Jo and Mya Foundation. […]

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