Ian Parkin: Globetrotter!

I remember when I first met Ian Parkin around five years ago, and he never did guest spots or tattoo conventions. Now, he has them coming out of his ears! For a guy who’s very highly in demand right now (booked up until June at Inkslingers!), the guest spots he’s doing are probably a relief for those who live further away from sunny (ha!) Newcastle who want a tattoo from him.

At the moment, he’s busy making plans for those of you in London and Germany- fantastic! He’ll be starting with London as soon as next month, when he’s at the prestigious Love Hate. He’ll be there from April 15th, until the following Monday, and you can book in with him by getting in touch with Love Hate (click here!). Spaces are now extremely limited, but it’s worth seeing if you can get lucky and book in, still.

After that, in August, Ian will be travelling down to Germany, to see the guys at Bodyscript Tattoo Studio. He’ll be there from August 5th, for a full week! This guest spot was only announced fairly recently, but you should still try to book in as quickly as possible- I’d hate for any of you guys to miss out! Again, you can book through the shop (click here!).

Ian is an amazing tattooer, and personally I love getting tattoos from him! If you love great bold traditional tattooing, you should want in on this. If you’d like to know more about Ian’s guest spots, you can do so through this tag on the Inkslingers blog.


[Header image is of our Lisa’s tattoo, from the Brighton convention- see her review of it here!]

2 Responses to “Ian Parkin: Globetrotter!”
  1. I just booked in at LHSC to have my forearm done by Ian on the 15th April, excited! :)

    • Mel Noir says:

      That’s awesome chick! I’m not booked until May! It’ll be awesome though. You should come up to Newcastle one Saturday for a tattoo, it’d be cool to see you! :) x

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