Ron Henry Wells Interview on LST!

Last Sparrow Tattoo has a brand new interview with Ron Henry Wells, that you need to check out. Ron is a really amazing tattooer, and a really cool guy too, and you guys are going to love this video.

Not only is Ron in this, but he’s being interviewed by Scott Silva. I love it when tattooers interview each other. I’m always reminded of an interview between Jack Rudy and Bob Roberts which we posted online ages ago (here), and it shows exactly why it works well. They both have a really great relationship in this interview, and it’s a pleasure to watch.

In the interview, the guys talk about getting into tattooing, Ron’s career, and the shops he’s worked at. The whole video was filmed in a warehouse, as this was during the events of Hurricane Sandy. From Scott:

we did this interview when he had been stuck in san francisco after the convention when hurricane sandy had everyone stuck. we did the interview at my warehouse space which most of you will recognize the train sounds. i hope this finds you all well and full of great joy. Ron is a great tattooer and i would like to thank him for doing this with me.

I’ll warn you now- don’t turn this up too loud. Those train sounds will make you crap yourself.

Anyway, you can see the video below, though I would also recommend checking out Last Sparrow Tattoo because it’s a really great website and it has loads of videos like this online. Click here for that.

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