Eckel- Now in Brighton!

One of my favourite tattooers is now working in the UK- awesome! Eckel, after working in Copenhagen with Uncle Allan (who has now also moved away!), is now setting up his own private studio in Brighton. The new studio should be really easy to get to, whether you’re near the area or coming in from the airport.

From Eckel’s blog:

about booking appointments with me:

as i said, the new place is not quite ready yet, and although i the renovations are almost finished,there is still little things to do before i will be totally comfortable in the place, and giving you a good experience to get tattooed by me. so please, don’t get upset as my cobweb email-account still gets very little attention from me, i will announce about future bookings very soon, please be patient with me.

on a different note, i am happy to announce, that my good friend james kiley will keep me company hopefully two days a week, which i am very excited about.

This is absolutely fantastic news for anyone living in the UK, as Eckel is such a fantastic tattooer. If I see anything more about this soon, I’ll post again and let you guys know. In the meantime, it’s worth bookmarking Eckel’s blog to keep an eye on it.

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